The company

In a few words :

Barillec Marine has a global know-how in electricity, electronics and marine automation and a solid experience in the development of creative, innovative applications in propulsion, production and energy conversion.

The company founded in 1957 has grown thanks to its international reputation, identity and strong values.

If its history is closely linked to the harbour of Concarneau and to the successive modernizations of the fishing fleets which have made the reputation of the “blue city”, Barillec Marine is definitely looking to the future.

With its expertise, know-how and understanding of its customers’ issues, Barillec Marine has always been a driving partner for innovation, able to develop a complete range of applications and services in response to economic, energy and environmental challenges.

Barillec Marine multiplies its success with electric and hybrid power and propulsion systems for all types of ships. A true technical partner, force of proposal, to understand the shipowners’ needs and meet their expectations, in collaboration with the shipyards.

These successes could not be without the professionalism and dedication of Barillec Marine teams. For the greatest satisfaction of the customers, the service, the quality and also the safety are at the heart of its priorities.

With the managers of the different sites and services, in France and around the world, and with all its teams, “Barillec Marine is propelling its energies  to make your ships safer, cleaner and more efficient and convert our successes into your successes. ”


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Our values

  • Professionnalism: technicality, expertise, training, certifications and qualifications.
  • Team spirit: solidarity, transmission of skills.
  • Technology: R & D culture, advanced technologies, synergies between the company’s activities.
  • Respect for the customer : ISO 9001 certification, quality, timeline compliance, advice, availability, adaptability: “custom made applications”.
  • Sustainable development: QSE, green applications, social …

Key figures

Carte mondiale sites Barillec marine
  • 5 branches
  • 115 employees