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Electric and hybrid propulsion systems, energy management, production and storage  make  Barillec Marine a major European player in the energy sector, propelling solutions for ship owners and shipyards.

Barillec marine provides turnkey solutions that deliver energy efficiency, emission reduction and fuel savings.

Our company offers a global solution from initial customer requirement to final sea trials.

Barillec Marine offers a wide range of services, repair and maintenance and also provides spare parts.

150 technicians and engineers are avalailable worldwide for new installations, refit and repair.

Engineering, systems and services form a set of integrated solutions under the concept of « Barillec Marine solutions ».




Gestion énergie
  • Production, distribution, management, storage
  • Innovative energy management systems
  • Development of smart, autonomous and energy efficient systems
  • Energy optimization
  • Energy conversion equipment: storage, shore power, propulsion

Power Management System, the solution for energy optimization of your vessel


Propulsion électrique et hybride

Electric motors with variable speed :

  • Electric motors up to 4 MW
  • Main propulsion system driving a shaft directly or through a gearbox or driving an azimuth thruster
  • Auxiliary and transversal propulsion
  • Auxiliaries : winches, fans, pumps, etc.

Innovative propulsion systems :

  • Electric propulsion
  • Hybrid propulsion
  • Hydrogen propulsion
  • Specific energy storage equipment
  • Propulsion Control System (PCS)


Distribution énergie
  • Equipment and packages
  • Onboard installation and coordination
  • Commissionning 

Manufacturing in our switchboard factory:

  • Switchboards up to 10 000 A
  • Distribution and control panels
  • Machine, wheelhouse and communication control plates
  • Refrigeration skid for propulsion switchboard
  • Customized or standard according to your classification requirements : BV, LR, DNVGL…

Providing comprehensive electrical packages:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Delivery of the full equipment for the electrical systems onboard


  • Anticipating and controlling the specific requirements of the marine environment
  • Cabling and connecting the full electrical installation


  • Managing your project autonomously with our skilled technicians
  • Managing and coordinating installations with local partners or yard electricians


  • Verifying the conformity of cabling and connections
  • Checking the equipment operation
  • Classification control and survey
  • Commissioning and harbour trials

Sea trials:

  • Checking operational condition at sea
  • Full equipment validation



Automatisme - AMS
  • Customized systems for automation and supervision  

Controls and monitoring of:

  • Propulsion: propeller, clutch, gearbox
  • Auxiliary equipment: pumps, fans, valves
  • Automation systems specific to the requirement of the vessel
  • AMS – Alarms and Monitoring System
  • Data centralization



Internal communication systems:

  • Intercom, public address, analog or IP type
  • Audio and video entertainment systems, Ground/Satellite media reception
  • Analog or IP CCTV
  • Data networks, redundant IP networks
  • Voice networks

External communication:

  • Radio communications – UHF, VHF, BLU…
  • Satellite communications – INMARSAT Fleet, Vsat…
  • Navigation equipment
  • Acoustics: sonars, sounders
  • Beacons




Managing your project from design to turnkey delivery

  • Analysis and expertise
  • Application recommendations

Studies and engineering of your project

  • Design of complete or partial solutions
  • Defining and sizing of the networks
  • Innovative systems development
  • Assistance and validation of the integration and coordination documents





… For an optimized, efficient and intelligent navigation



  • Refit and maintenance experts 
  • Spare parts management
Right person, right time, right place:

  • Rapid respond to repair your vessel
  • Providing maintenance according to your schedule requirements
  • Bringing our expertise for refits
  • Providing ISS, in service support
Right part, right time, right place:

  • Technical support for adapted solutions
  • Sourcing
  • Supply-chain management
  • Customs facilities

Spare part :

  • Electricity
  • Instrumentation and measurement
  • Control and regulation
  • Automation
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic