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BARILLEC Marine Services (BMS) is completing the maintenance work on the propulsion system of the MSV Bourbon Enterprise during a technical stop in Dubai. The operation was carried out under optimal conditions thanks to BMS's ability to mobilise the network of Vinci Energies companies.

06 Aug 2020

The MSV – Multipurpose Supply Vessel – Bourbon Enterprise, for which the design and the full electrical installation was carried out by BARILLEC Marine, approached the company further to a problem on its bow thruster while it was operating off the coast of Qatar. Even if the breakdown service could be partially carried out remotely, a maintenance operation was necessary on the propulsion system’s inverter drives, a technology that BMS technicians, with more than 20 years of expertise reinforced by training at the DANFOSS/Vacon shipyard in Finland, have perfect mastery of. To support the ship owner, BMS has defined a project to improve the reliability of the entire diesel-electric propulsion system of the ship by renewing the equipment and the maintenance of the inverter drives…

To carry out this maintenance operation after ten years of service, BMS mobilized a team of Actemium Emirates technicians at the repair shipyard in Dubai where the ship was stopped, assisted by a technical support team based in Concarneau. BMS was therefore able to ensure that the equipment was properly reinstalled on board and put back into service by the team on site, while optimizing maintenance costs.

The three inverters reached the Concarneau site in mid-July. The work was carried out in the workshop, followed by tests on the test bench, before going back to Dubai for a return to service scheduled for mid-August in order to allow the vessel to quickly come back into operation.

This operation demonstrates the effectiveness of the synergies between the skills, geographical locations and resources of the different companies within Vinci Energies and the technical expertise and naval know-how of BMS, which can consequently respond to specific needs on all types of international shipyards. Experiences of this type are now a common occurrence at BMS.

A similar service package was also put together jointly with Actemium Oil and Gas Commissioning for the installation of scrubbers on Merchant Navy vessels.

BMS, which has already been working in the Indian Ocean for about ten years to maintain electric propulsion systems, is increasingly establishing itself as the specialist in naval maintenance and ship maintenance to support the operational needs of shipping companies all over the world.




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