From Mer et Mer maritime news: “BARILLEC Marine – sharing positive energy”

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17 Jun 2020



The pandemic has not slowed BARILLEC Marine’s forward momentum. Now more than ever, they will need all their energy to manage their dynamic growth as the maritime industry reopens for business.

The company, specialising in naval electrical systems and innovative system integration for the maritime and inland waterway sectors, is working tirelessly to welcome and retain employees and encourage them to come aboard.


“We feel very optimistic about the future and we want to share that positive energy with our whole community. The teamwork, respect, courage and resilience that we have seen and displayed during this unprecedented time drives us to work even harder to create a sustainable maritime industry and a just and responsible blue economy. As business returns to normal, we need the energy and support of people who share our values, and we are asking them to join our team,” explains Matthieu Blanc, Business Unit Manager for BARILLEC Marine in Concarneau.

BARILLEC Marine designs, installs and maintains electrical production and distribution networks for all types of ships. An innovation powerhouse, the company is working on a complete range of systems and services for energy production, distribution and conversion, and hybrid or electric propulsion. “BARILLEC Marine is a major player in the energy transition for the inland waterway sector, which is why we won the contract for hybridising Paris’s fleet of Batobus watercraft. We also outfitted the first dual-LNG hybrid ship produced in France,” adds Bruno Libert, Business Unit Manager for the Lorient and Sables d’Olonne locations.

To support their continued growth and technological development, BARILLEC Marine is looking for inspiring talent, people who are looking to advance their careers and meet the challenges of the shipbuilding and maritime industries.

Since the start of the year, BARILLEC has already hired about fifteen new employees and about ten interns and trainees. The company plans to hire a total of 50 workers in the next two or three years at its sites in Concarneau, Lorient and Sables d’Olonne. There are openings in positions that are new to the company, such as planners, for project supervisors and project managers, and for all technical positions: electrical engineers, electrical fitters, team leaders, site managers, and technicians and engineers specialising in electrical engineering, automation, energy conversion and communications.

In addition to an onboarding program that familiarises new hires with the maritime world, BARILLEC Marine also uses training plans to help employees learn new skills. Crossover between different companies at the Vinci Énergies group, a training centre, demonstrators to help with preparations for implementation, coaching and knowledge sharing are key parts of a corporate culture that puts people first.

After construction in Concarneau was completed in 2017 and the new building in Sables d’Olonne was inaugurated last summer, it is now the Lorient site’s turn for a major remodel. The offices for the marine business line will be completely renovated, doubling the square footage so that new hires can be welcomed in style by the end of the year.

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