From electrical work to energy propulsion, BARILLEC Marine is always driven by the same spirit and culture of innovation, staying true to their principles and roots. The company, whose history is inextricably linked to the fishing sector and the port of Concarneau, installed all the electrical and electronic systems for the newly launched Anthemis, a trawler built by Piriou.

17 Mar 2020

BARILLEC Marine’s core business is designing, installing and maintaining the electrical production and distribution networks required for a ship’s propulsion, navigation and daily life. From lighting to fishing gear, navigation systems to surveillance equipment, an electrician ensures that the ship’s vital systems are in proper working order, keeping sailors safe and comfortable.

This is a job that involves a great deal of responsibility and requires extensive expertise. A ship’s electrician fully understands ships, their operational needs and their regulatory, environmental and safety requirements. The company is able to draw on their 60-plus years of experience, having got their start in Concarneau modernising fishing fleets. They are staying true to this sector when it comes to building and maintaining ships.

The Anthemis’s bridge – credit: Pierre-Yves Millet

The Anthemis, with a crew of seven sailors, is a 22.75-metre-long trawler built for bottom trawling and pelagic fishing. BARILLEC Marine provided, installed and commissioned the electrical and electronic networks and systems for the ship:

  • Switchboards, terminals such as lighting or outlets, etc.
  • Fire detection systems and various alarms such as for flooding detection
  • Installation of console equipment on the bridge and connection for all the electrical and electronic equipment
  • Communications systems required by regulations in accordance with the GMDSS: VHF, HF, Inmarsat-C, Navtex
  • Navigation systems: Maxsea mapping, GPS, radar, satellite compass, AIS, electronic log book, sounding device, autopilot
  • Video surveillance system, satellite phones and TV, intercom
  • Watchkeeper alarm (BNWAS)

BARILLEC Marine owes their growth to their expertise, identity and strong values. With their know-how and their understanding of their clients’ challenges, the company is a driving force for innovation, able to develop a complete range of systems and services for energy production, distribution and conversion and hybrid or electric ship propulsion. A true technical partner for their clients, BARILLEC Marine is able to meet the expectations of shipyards, shipowners and equipment manufacturers as soon as a need is expressed, no matter what type of ship is involved.



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