Prevent rather than cure with the DataPrevent server from BARILLEC Marine Services.

Currently, as we are facing challenges with developing technologies for renewable energy sources, ship connectivity has been increasing in significance for maritime stakeholders. To date, not all shipowners and equipment manufacturers have access to information on the on-board installations and their operating history. All of which, is considered to be an obstacle because having access to this data, would provide the capacity to adjust the use of their equipment to limit the impact on the environment as well as extending their lifespan.

21 Nov 2019

Barillec Marine Services, which provides maintenance, MCO and trading services, has therefore designed DataPrevent with hopes to solve the anticipation and also to prevent the possible risk of exchanging equipment in the near future. Our main objective is, therefore, to guarantee their smooth operation and to optimize operating costs. The company, as such is proudly installing its first DataPrevent on board a tuna fish vessel.

DataPrevent enables the acquisition, archiving, consultation and analysis of essential data for the operation and maintenance of any kind of ship. The data is accessible according to the user profile.

On board, DataPrevent can be connected to on board systems, navigation, air conditioning, refrigeration, control and supervision equipment. Barillec Marine’s supervisions centralise information on propulsion and energy production and distribution systems.

Securing available data is possible for local or remote users. On board, the crew accesses information in the form of tables or histograms and can interpret a previous event or in real time to anticipate and carry out preventive actions. Remote communication is carried out by satellite or terrestrial link (4G) through the THALOS Oceanbox gateway which optimizes and secures data flows.

Barillec Marine develops and integrates centralized monitoring, measurement, control or navigation systems. To increase efficiency, improve ship handling and safety, and reduce environmental impacts, the company prioritizes innovation and service. A true technical partner of its customers, Barillec Marine meets their expectations from the moment the need is defined and throughout the ship’s life cycle. Our engineering, systems and services form a set of 100% innovative, green and  French marine applications.

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